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We are a group that relies 100% on volunteer commitment to continue our mission.  Currently we have need in all capacities as we try to rotate individuals every few years to accommodate everyones busy schedule.  This group would certainly not survive and prosper as it has for the last 2 decades had it not been for the dedication and commitment of its members who serve NIHEA.


These are positions that North Idaho Home Educators currently have filled or need to be filled.  If you have any interest in becoming a board member of NIHEA or would like to fill any of our volunteer positions PLEASE contact us...we are always in need of NIHEA volunteers:-)

Board Members:  

Facilitator, Secretary, Treasurer, Contact Representative

Other Positions:
Field Trip Coordinator, Yearbook Editor, Greeter, Lending Library, Reading is the Ticket Free Silverwood Ticket, Spelling Bee



PO Box 2885
Hayden, Idaho 83815
Phone & Fax:  208-661-6870
(Please leave a message and we will return your call)

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